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Wickersham House Museum Video Trailer and Alaskaland Podcast 

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Listen to the Alaskaland Podcast Ep. 3 – Judge James Wickersham:  The Man Who Named Fairbanks


Wickersham Day Reception

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the Tanana Yukon Historical Society celebrated the 164th birthday of James Wickersham with a Wickersham Day Reception at the Wickersham House in Pioneer Park, Fairbanks Alaska. James Wickersham was Alaska’s renowned jurist. One hundred years ago, the Judge was back to lawyering in Juneau and wouldn’t be back in the US House of Representatives for another ten years.  He never again lived in Fairbanks but the home he first built for his wife, Deborah, in 1904, remains a calm and reassuring place, reflecting the amenities eagerly sought by those who founded and built Fairbanks. “Wick House” is a fine place to learn more about the life of the man to whom all Alaskans owe so much (Following photos are courtesy of Ron Inouye).

Wickersham 164th Birthday Cake

Joan Fairchild and Steve Mitchell with Cake

Joan Fairchild and Steve Mitchell (as Judge James Wickersham)

Visitors Rich & Gretchen Clemmons

Visitors Rich and Gretchen Clemmons enjoying their visit and cake during the reception.



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Donna M. Krier Honored


From left to right:  Joan Skilbred, James “Pat” Doogan, Linda Conley, George Lounsbury (PMP Board members) standing behind Donna (seated). Photo Credit:  Ron Inouye.

With deep appreciation and gratitude, the Trustees of Pioneer Memorial Park, Inc., recognized Donna M. Krier’s unbroken 34 years of service to the organization and the Fairbanks Pioneer Museum.  First appointed as a Trustee of the PMP by the Tanana Yukon Historical society in March 1987, she has been an untiring worker, promoting the objectives of the PMP, a collaboration of the Pioneers of Alaska and the TYHS.  Over the decades she has helped to found, support and actively maintain other groups and establishments that enrich community and personal life in Interior Alaska.   For all this, Trustees of PMP, Inc. now declare Donna M. Krier to be a Trustee Emerita.  Presented by the PMP, Inc Board in August 2021.

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1919: A Year of Death and Survival 

This 24 minute film by Rhonda McBride about the 1919 pandemic is now available on YouTube. Click here to view this film.